Medal Game Diary


I’ve been playing the medal games!

ROUND1 Kanazawa Store.

I can’t remember anymore how many months it has been since I visited there.

I purchased 90 medals and lost them all in 30 minutes. Then I bought 500 yen worth of medals using the medal game feature.

Instead of simply buying medals, I gambled ¥500 and played roulette to try my luck. If I failed, I would lose all of my ¥500.

The result was a royal jackpot chance. The jackpot chance was a success, and over 3,000 medals were released.

Unusually, my table paid out medals smoothly. In the middle of the game, I entered the gold premium mode. No sign of losing any medals at all.

It was time for me to go home. The time was about 21:30.

Once again, the royal jackpot chance arrives. You can’t win twice. I would miss it.

I start to get ready to leave. My daughter was already starting to get restless. She and my wife had to go back to the car and wait for me.

The second jackpot soon exploded. The subconscious mind is truly a terrifying thing. I prefer to have less time on my hands when I come to places like this.

The medal game machine had run out its entire inventory of medals and stopped with an error. I called the staff, deposited all the medals and left the store. The medal game machine remained unattended and continued to spin the roulette wheel.