Quivering spacetime

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Operation Cherry Blossom is activated.

Enthusiastic speech by the Commander-in-Chief of the Radabinod Yokohama Base, played by Norio Wakamoto.

This work is Muv-Luv Alternative.

Because of its extreme content, this PC game is prohibited for purchase for those under 18 years of age in Japan.


Below is the full English translation.

The recent BETA attack on the Yokohama base caused great damage that could be considered fatal.

We were truly exhausted by the loss of so many lives and valuable equipment in the face of our fierce fighting.

However, when I look around me, I see ・・・・・・・.
Like the cherry blossoms at the main gate, blooming robustly even on dead land,
our coast, which is coming back to life.
Look at our comrades-in-arms beside us.
Even in this crisis, there is a fierce fire burning in their eyes.
What is it that drives us?
Why do we rise again, wounded to the bone?

It is because we know that to dedicate ourselves to despair is our duty to those who are alive, and a courtesy to those who have sacrificed themselves for the victory of humanity.

Hear the voice of those who sleep in the earth.
Hear the voice of those who perished in the sea.
Hear the voice of those scattered in the sky.

The time has come for their longing to be rewarded.
And now the youth are departing.
They are about to go into enemy territory, alone and helpless, with the longing of the departed and the longing of their countrymen.

Even if history does not bring them into the limelight, we will remember their presence in our hearts! We will etch their nobility in our souls, even though their names are not even allowed to be mentioned!

To the young people who are departing.

Do not forgive our incompetence that only taught you how to fight.Do not forgive our incompetence in sending you into battle.May your volunteer spirit be the foundation of a world that never sends its youth into battle!