The Eternity You Desire

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Shocking Opening

The Eternity You Desire. The first chapter of this work was officially distributed free of charge by the manufacturer prior to its release. Meanwhile, information about the second chapter was thoroughly withheld.

I have played this work. Depending on the choices you make, the main character can turn out to be a human scum.

In Japan, people under 18 years old are prohibited from purchasing this product.

The main character, Takayuki Narumi, was called the King of Hate. However, a scum person who surpasses him has appeared in the game industry.

It is School Days, Makoto Ito.

English translation of lyrics

Rambling Hearts

Embraced by the soft wind
I think of you, and my heart is sad
Alone on the hill
I’m sending off the seasons

Beyond the blue sky
I wonder what you see
I wish for courage
I’m silently praying

I can’t go back
I was wrapped in your arms
Those tender days.
I still have a faint memory of summer.
Little fireworks. They won’t go away.
Even now

Splashing in the light.
Like crystals.
You’re shining.
Even their innocent smiles
I’m being stolen away

Our fingertips touch
I’m anxious every time we touch
Just a little more
Hold me like this

I can’t go home now.
I used to be so afraid of getting hurt.
When I was a little girl.
I’ve been nurturing it in the back of my mind
I can’t erase the little feelings
I can’t erase them.

Will become kindness
The seven-colored dream I saw that day
I’ll meet you in a rainbow far, far away
I’ll live on with my feelings for you