The Benefits of a High-Price Strategy: Liberating Yourself from Busyness

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The True Meaning of Selling at a High Price

The first thing you need to understand is that “setting a higher price and displaying a large quantity, while selling a small amount at a high price, is the right approach.” Selling products cheaply is equivalent to selling your time cheaply. The days when selling a lot and making a profit made you happy ended with the Heisei era. In today’s times, the more you sell, the more likely you are to incur losses.

The Problem Japan Faces with Its Economy

One of the reasons for Japan’s economic downturn is that too much focus is placed on prices, leading to a price-cutting competition. Based on this premise, it is important to set the price higher. Many people are trapped in the Heisei-era belief that “being busy is a good thing,” but this is not true. Being busy can lead to health issues and is not necessarily a good thing.

Changing Norms: From Showa to Heisei, and Now

In the Showa era, the common belief was that “working hard and sweating is admirable.” However, from the Heisei era to today, that belief has been changing. I found that using a fulfillment service to send out large quantities of products did not yield much profit. Additionally, trying to sell a lot at a lower price on eBay resulted in high fees and low profits.

The Benefits of a High-Price Strategy

The key here is to display a large quantity and set the price high. By doing this, products will sell when you least expect it. Meanwhile, you can use the time when products aren’t selling to focus on other things. This is a smart strategy to maximize profits by using your time efficiently.


Setting a higher price and selling a small quantity at a high price is the key to liberating yourself from busyness. Avoiding the price-cutting competition and valuing your time and effort is the most prudent choice in today’s world.

I encourage everyone to try this high-price strategy. I’m confident you will discover new business opportunities.

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