Achieving a Long-Held Dream: Building a Hybrid Site with AI

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I have embarked on the full-scale construction of a hybrid site, a dream I’ve held for many years. This challenging task, which would take years to complete on my own, has become attainable with the help of AI. I no longer need to use a computer every time I update my blog, and I have discovered new ways to disseminate information.

Overcoming Constraints to Share Information from Anywhere

By overcoming domestic and international constraints, I can now share information from any location in a short amount of time without getting bored. Previously, I created blog posts from scratch and manually translated them, which sometimes made me lose interest in blogging.

It might be hard to believe, but even I have experienced boredom while updating my blog. Common reasons for not continuing a blog often include “no topics,” “no time,” or “loss of motivation,” but I think “boredom” is a significant factor. It certainly was for me.

Creating Blog Posts Quickly with Just a Smartphone

Nowadays, as long as you have blog ideas, you can create blog posts quickly with just a smartphone, targeting any audience. You can capture your ideas before they fade. Additionally, it’s possible to produce a large volume of blog posts in both Japanese and English in a short time, preventing boredom.

Utilizing AI to Easily Create Video Scripts

You may have seen ads on TikTok or YouTube claiming, “Make money on YouTube using AI.” Initially, I thought these were scam ads, but after successfully mass-producing blog posts with AI, I decided to have AI convert my blog posts into video scripts for YouTube.

The result was impressive. While not professional-grade, the scripts resembled those made by someone relatively experienced in creating video scripts. They even included appropriate video lengths, which frankly impressed me.

With the power of AI, constructing the hybrid site I’ve dreamed of for years has become more realistic. Updating the blog has become easier, and this method is also useful for creating video content. I encourage you to give it a try.


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