About this Organization

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Company Profile and Location

Trade name: Chikakoubou Kazuya from Japan

Form of organization: Sole proprietorship

Representative: Oliver

Location:Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture(Japan)


The beginning of the end.

Kazuya Basement Studio is a self-employed business that quietly opened its doors in a residential area in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. No one knew of its existence, and no one even noticed that it was operating out of a basement. No one knew what kind of business he was doing or what kind of business plan he had.

When you go to the Kanazawa tax office and submit a document called a business opening notification, you automatically become a business owner (unless you have a malicious criminal history).


The nearest river is the Fushimi River. The Saigawa River is a little far from our home and office.


No one is asking that question!

Glorious history

One day, Oliver decided to do business on eBay. At the time, Oliver was on leave from his job after breaking his right leg at his place of employment. Since his upper body was fine, he decided to do business using a computer.

Using English, which he neither particularly liked nor disliked, he created eBay and Paypal accounts, and successfully signed a contract with FedEx, which allowed him to deliver goods faster than international mail.

Oliver enjoyed selling various items at auctions. He was awakened to the joy of buying goods directly from overseas and selling them to people overseas.

However, this is where tragedy struck.

Oliver was banned from eBay without a second thought by the company’s headquarters. He is permanently suspended.

Apparently, he was judged to be malicious for creating and operating multiple accounts despite his poor sales performance. This was not overturned no matter what he did.

Oliver secretly contacted one of his regular customers. “Apparently, that’s it for business on eBay.”

And real business began that day.

Ample funds


I lost my money!

I’ve run out of money!

Oh, brother!


This is the only comic that is different here.

Only when there is no money, you call me.

Overwhelming bonus

With a sense of presence, you can go anywhere, anytime, as often as you want!

Let go of the resignation that you can never go.

Let go of the belief that you can never leave your country.

Let go of the belief that the country you live in is the best.

Get out of the cage of your preconceived notions and be free.

Not for any country, but to love the country you live in more.

That is Rin’s belief.

Rin works with your subconscious mind to bring you and your mind to another world.

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