I rushed out the dolls!

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Dolls with names.

Preparing for the Dolls’ Festival

I cleared out and cleaned up the Buddhist room, which had become a storage room. Then, he put the dolls in the place where a Buddhist altar would normally be placed.

There is no altar in Oliver’s house. There is no kamidana either. This may be a rare family in Japan.

(The family has a butsudan at his parents’ house.)

This space is equipped with an electrical outlet, making it a suitable place to display the hina dolls.

The bright red cloth under the dolls is not a cheap one. It is a genuine rug. The logo of a major doll maker is printed on it. (Kyugetsu Dolls)

In Japan, there is a long-standing tradition to put away hina dolls on March 3, the Dolls’ Festival.

It is said that if they are not put away on time, the daughter will not meet the man of her dreams.

Oliver finished taking the hina dolls out of their boxes and decorating them safely on that day.

It was the early morning of February 25.


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