Those who know the 2-6-2 rule and those who don’t.

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This is true of many relationships and organizations.
Whether it is a group of worker ants, worker bees, a famous high-level university, doctors, politicians, lawyers, etc.
If you gather 100 idiots, there are about 20 people with special talents hidden among them.
Conversely, if you gather 100 people who are said to be excellent, about 20 of them are said to be idiots.
The same is true of human relationships.
Let’s say you have 10 people around you.
They belong to one of three teams.
The two people on team A hate you. They hate you no matter what you do. No effort will cover it.
The six people on Team B don’t care about you. They don’t care. But they look at you from time to time. They see you and their likes and dislikes are overturned.
It’s the little things.
You changed your car, didn’t return a greeting, got married, quit smoking, started a diet, had a baby.
These simple things can overturn your likes and dislikes.
Two people on Team C love you. They appreciate what you are now.
They don’t hate you unless you do something wrong to them.
If you go through life without knowing that these teams exist, you will have unnecessary problems and suffering.
I want that person to like me and this person to like me.
Why doesn’t that person turn to me?
Why does he not like me, even though I have done nothing wrong?
Time spent worrying like that is a waste of time and energy. You will be exhausted and you will drive yourself crazy.
If I knew that there were three teams, I would be able to ignore team A altogether and go my own way, the way I think is right.
By being keenly aware of the existence of Team C, you can bounce back and avoid attacks caused by bad feelings.

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